Addiction IME Specialist

Independent Medical Examination specialist for addictions and substance abuse for over 20 years. Detailed reports. Fast turnaround. Extensive medical-legal experience. Qualified as expert witness in addiction medicine.


Below are a few commonly requested topics.

A New Approach to Relapse Prevention: The Five Rules of Recovery

Understand the process of relapse. Recognize the early warning signs of relapse. Learn relapse prevention strategies for each stage in the process of relapse. Discover the five most important things that people need to do in order to do well in recovery. I developed these rules while trying to understand why some people do well in recovery, while others don't.

Cognitive Therapy Guide: A Step-by-Step Approach

Learn a new approach to cognitive therapy. Discover how to use thought records in a way that encourages rapid change. Learn the common problems that people encounter in cognitive therapy. Discover how to use the principles of cognitive therapy to deal with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression and addiction.

Adult Children of Addicts and the Coping Skills of Change

Learn the common personality and behavioral traits that result from growing up in a family that is turbulent, unpredictable, or excessively rigid. Follow the logical explanation of how dysfunctional traits are passed down through a family. Learn the coping skills for letting go of the past and improving one's life. Discover how to break the cycle and not let negative patterns affect future generations.

Addiction: Choice versus Illness and What it Means to You

Discover whether addiction is a choice or an illness. Learn about the genetics of addiction. Learn about cross addiction and the common scenarios that lead to relapse. Understand what this means for recovery and how to prevent relapses.



I am NOT accepting any new patients. For medical and ethical reasons I cannot provide medical advice by phone or by email.

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